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Health Lantern - Transforming Health Care Through Technology
Medical Tourism

In today’s medical world scenario, Medical Tourism can be summed up as reverse of brain drain in medical terminology. People in search of better treatment move to third world countries so that the treatment can be taken care in a much more cost effective manner. Another reason for travel for medical treatment is because some treatments may not be legal in the home country, such as some fertility procedures.

The word “Tourism” in Medical Tourism concept, reflects that traveler’s can take advantage of their visit by exploring the country, thus contributing to the revenue model of the country.

Facts led to increase in Medical Tourism

Advance technology in lesser price

Better quality care

Quicker access of medically related procedures

Ease and affordable international travel

How is Health Lantern contributing to Medical Tourism?

We did a detailed survey and thus decided to make a thorough study on the risk factors which are involved:

Risk: Communication may be a problem, undergoing treatment where they do not speak the language of the patient can lead to many misunderstandings.

Remedy by Health Lantern: Taking personal care in connecting patients to such clinics/hospitals where in one SPOC from Health Lantern will ensure that this aspect can be taken care off.

Risk: Increase in risk of Treatments

Remedy by Health Lantern: In Health Lantern's panel, all the reputed hospitals/clinics are enlisted therefore they cannot take the risk of bearing any scandals. Moreover, we have legal agreements with them so that if anything goes wrong we take the appropriate steps.

Risk: Accommodation, can be an issue where patient can be cheated.

Remedy by Health Lantern: We understand the same therefore came up with residing facility for patients along with one attendant can reside.

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Health Lantern is offering Medical Tourism in India:

India has become one of the most popular countries attracting a lot of foreigners, where the supporting factors are:

Rich cultural heritage
Cost effective facilities
Most exuberant places to visit
Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, meditation, homeopathy are all the specialties available exclusively in India

The dynamic crew of Health Lantern is ready to serve anywhere across the globe. One just needs to connect to our portal “www.healthlantern.com” or write to us at info@healthlantern.com and we would be there to assist you.

In general cases, distance is merely a number for us, where we strive hard to connect the patient to the right medical practitioner, perfect accommodation and a memorable holiday, which is cherished forever.

Specialties taken care of by Health Lantern:

1. Infertility treatment
2. Surrogacy
3. Cancer
4. Heart surgery
5. Obesity
6. Psychiatry
7. Panchakarma
8. Eye/Ophthalmology
9. Ear, Nose and Throat / ENT
10. Acupressure