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Health Lantern - Transforming Health Care Through Technology
Patient booking:
1. Is Heath lantern free for patient?
Answer: Indeed. Health Lantern booking appointments online is free for the patient.
2. If I forget the password, what are the steps involved?
Answer: Click on forgot password link, answer the security question and we will send you the password in your registered e mail id and phone number.
3. How much will my doctor visit cost?
Answer: It is very much subjective to the doctor, however we ensure that all our users pay the nominal charge and enjoy the best service.
4. If I cancel my booking, how will Health Lantern refund my money?
Answer: There is no fee associated with booking appointment therefore there are no cancellation charges.
5. Will there be any cancellation charge associated?
Answer: There is no fee associated with booking appointment hence there are no cancellation charges.
6. Does Heath lantern accept feedback?
Answer: We welcome and put serious thoughts on feedback therefore do not hesitate to share yours.
7. How can I access my medical records from Health Lantern, is there such a feature?
Answer: We have internal PMS system in which all the medical records per patient are kept safe, if need be, we can share the same with the authorized user.
8. If I regularly book appointments through Health Lantern will you offer me discount?
Answer: There is no fee involved in booking appointment, hence there is no discount.
9. If I refer Health Lantern to my friends what are the benefits that I will be offered?
Answer: You refer five friends and your next appointment is absolutely made free of cost.
10. What all cities are covered by Health Lantern under medical tourism?
Answer: Currently we are covering all the major cities of India
Medical Tourism:
1. Is it safe for me to travel so far?
Answer: Absolutely, we pay personal attention to each of our patients right from the airport till we see you off
2. How safe are my details with Health Lantern?
Answer: We believe in complete privacy where all the documents are kept confidential.
3. Since I don’t know the local language, will that create a barrier in the treatment?
Answer: We have interpreters who are experts in the field to cater to your queries.
4. How do I know that the doctor and the hospitals are of highest standard?
Answer: The doctors/hospitals registered with us are all the renowned ones for whom we have done a detailed survey.
5. What are the payment options available in Health Lantern?
Answer: We accept Credit card/debit card/cheque, cash mode of payments.
6. How do I register my Clinics information?
Answer: Just create your log in credentials and update your information about your clinic along with your contact number and we will reach out to you.
7. How well managed will my accommodation be taken care by Health Lantern?
Answer: We have a team solely taking care of the best accommodation facility in the city.
8. Can a friend/family member accompany me during my travel?
Answer: We understand the concern therefore we allow one attendant along with patient.
9. What is the cost involved in regards to the attendant?
Answer: A very nominal charge is levied for the attendant.
Blood bank:
1. I am 16 years old, but definitely want to donate blood. Can I ?
Answer: No. The legal age to donate blood is 18 years.
2. I am into bodybuilding and hence take steroids. Am I eligible to donate blood?
Answer: No. However after 30 days of detoxification, you can.
3. What is the procedure to enroll myself to donate blood?
Answer: Log into Health Lantern portal, go to Blood bank page and follow the steps.
4. Is the procedure safe throughout?
Answer: It is absolutely safe to donate blood after every three months.
5. If I donate blood regularly, will I get advantage if any of my family member/friend requires blood during any mishaps?
Answer: You help us in saving one life, and we would be there in case of any unforeseen incidents with your family member/friends.
6. Can I book my appointment in order to donate blood?
Answer: We value your time. Therefore before you come to donate blood we will contact you and provide you the suitable time slot.
7. Will I be awarded any certificate from behalf of Health Lantern if I donate blood?
Answer: We ensure to motivate the healthy to donate blood, therefore an appreciation certificate is issued
Corporate Health Checkups:
1. How will I enroll my company in Health Lantern portal in order to organize a preventive health care camp?
Answer: Go to our page corporate health checkup, and enroll your corporation.
2. What are the packages offered by Health Lantern?
Answer: There are three packages offered by us, they are:
Specific heart checkup (30-50 TESTS) :
Full body checkup (50-60 tests)
3. Will the reports be delivered on the same day?
Answer:Yes, generally will be delivered on the same day subject to the tests done.
4. What if the employees require a follow up session?
Answer: We will coordinate the next visit with the employee.
5. Will there be extra fee involved with the same again?
Answer: It depends on the type of treatment.
6. Will there be extra fee involved with the same again?
Answer: It depends on the type of treatment.